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Professional Service

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This optional add-on service is highly recommended with the Float System Kit and with A la Carte kits, and is included in the Marble Package. Having received your floor plan, we will set up a 30 minute phone call to discuss your project. The Deep Wellness Systems team will then construct a rough initial floor plan which incorporates your vision, the existing structures, and Deep Wellness Systems' equipment and recommendations.


An optional next step from the Initial Floor Plan, the Technical Floor Plan evolves the CAD design to include the real world measurements involved with the installation of your Float System. From this design we can extract dimensions and square footage for estimating materials cost, which can save your construction team time and attention. This level of planning also gives the Deep Wellness Systems team more to work with in assisting your project to our best ability.


This service is included in the Marble Package.


*Note: Meticulous measurements are very important for the Technical Floor Plan.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of float center owners

from across the United States.

We have real-world, day-to-day experience of owning

& operating our businesses, as well as hands on experience building our own float centers.


Luke Krueger

Founder & CEO of Deep Wellness Systems' Float Systems, and Deep Floatation Therapy. Luke specializes in design & manufacturing, float center operations, and customer service.

Luke Krueger

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Las Vegas

Elliott Reed

Founder & CEO of IMR Massage and IMR Float, Licenced Massage Therapist & Trainer. Elliott specializes in customer experience, employee training & management, and marketing.

Elliott Reed

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