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Clean & Cold

Designed for commercial/group contrast therapy, our cold system keeps up with a full schedule of hot human beings. 

Clean & clear water is something you can take for granted, maximizing peace of mind and enjoyment.

Generous Size

Full immersion happens naturally and comfortably in our oversized cold tub. Comfort and ease helps keep the body and mind relaxed, to breathe and to revel in the experience. 

Accommodating even the largest individuals and/or more than one person a time, is both a wise business decision and pure indulgence. 

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Supportive Community

Deep Wellness Systems is owned & operated by successful wellness center owners with a passion for sharing our therapeutic practices & technologies. Since 2016 we've been outfitting and supporting wellness centers around the world. 

We are elated to provide our expertise, care, and innovation to you and your community.

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Room to Relax

Oversized for two large adults to experience the deep cold bliss together.

Or, for one maniac pretending to be a seal underwater in the arctic.


Our custom designed, 3D printed skimming system cycles all the water through a 1 micron filter & AOP sanitizer. Keep crystal clear water through a busy schedule.


Our overpowered chilling system is efficient at getting cold fast, and staying cold.

"I love this cold plunge. The ability to sit upright, spread out and have two people in at once provides a great experience."

- Luke Kretschmar

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  • Our cold plunge keeps up with a full schedule of hot human beings

  • Filtration and chilling components are arranged to suit your space

  • Efficient and powerful, built for commercial and group contrast therapy


  • Full immersion happens naturally and comfortably in our oversized tub

  • Size accommodates larger bodies or two individuals

  • The extra space helps you relax into your session more deeply

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Complete systems with optional add ons

Cold Plunge System

Design & Support

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